Posted by: Ostwald | 25 April, 2008

Here we are…

Hmm… first of all for double nu (baca: nunu), why our big and ‘very’ old brother (he3) kang hilman haven’t join our blog yet? ’cause he have so many info, right?

Then about our S1, our senior said that we must get our transcript to our beloved campus immediately, then our plans to make a class right?well, please share your info about any university u want to pick, okay? ’cause me, myself, haven’t decide it yet…

Thx to all…!



  1. Gw udah ngasih tw Hilman loh, ndy blg mw buka..


    waktu ktemu besoknya..

    dy lg sibuk ngangkat2 barang (bersama imam & katto)..

    potongannya asli deh berantakan..

    mw kmana man ?


    intinya..everyone is busy with RKSP thing, PS thing, and things yg laen jadi gw sih maklum2 ajah..

  2. ok

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